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Breakers Summer SAT Prep Class Registrations Are Now Open

Breakers SAT Prep Presented by Simplify Math Center

Dates: Week of June 22nd to August 10 th

When: A survey will be sent to all interested families to determine best meeting times for weekly sessions.

This spring, the Simplify Math Center team hosted the 10-week pilot for Breakers players.  The program resulted with students feeling more confident in their SAT math and scoring above national norms.

For our next session we will be offering several options for players and parents to choose:

Verbal Only Sessions       Math Only Sessions          Math and Verbal Sessions

This summer, our verbal team will be led by Anjali Soi, a SAT tutor for over 10 years and has worked at a variety of test-prep organizations including the Princeton Review. She has a BS in Electrical Engineering and a JD from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. She has helped numerous students increase their comprehension, grammar, and writing skills to be successful in high-stakes testing. She was selected because of her approach, which is similar to ours. student-centered, Socratic, and focused on building understanding.  She will lead our team to support our SAT summer efforts for the Verbal portion of the test. (Reading, Writing, and Verbal)

Math and Verbal                                         Verbal Only or Math Only

Includes: (8 weeks - 1.5 hour sessions)                                                           Includes: (8 weeks -1.5 hour sessions)

1 Proctored Benchmark/Pretest Test                                                                      1  Proctored Benchmark/Pretest Test

6 English Sessions -small groups                                                                           6 English or math Sessions -small groups

6 Math Sessions- small groups                                                                               1 Proctored Post-Test to Measure Growth

1 Proctored Post-Test to Measure Growth                                                               Score Breakdown and Recommendations

Score Breakdown and Recommendations

Contact: or call (410) 454-8820 for more information or to register for sessions.

Testimonials: Please feel free to contact us for additional parent or student references.

"This is the best money I have spent on test prep"

"My son has more confidence now and his scores show it."

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