Breakers Lacrosse Club

Academic Plan

Beyond The Game

Since our founding, Breakers Lacrosse strives to support our student athletes beyond the lacrosse field. With our teaching-focused mission, we provide age-appropriate support such as additional training opportunities and workshops to focus on skills that will develop each player to reach his full potential. It has always been our belief that having a strong academic foundation is critical to any player’s development. We are proud to be the first Lacrosse club in the area to present an academic vision for our players.

Our Academic Vision

Our Student Athletes Will:

  • put school and academics first before lacrosse.
  • challenge themselves by taking classes that enrich their minds rather than those that require minimal effort.
  • prepare early for standardized tests and not wait until it is too late to increase scores or learn new content.
  • focus on getting strong grades and staying well-rounded with different clubs and activities
  • develop good habits such as self-advocacy, organization and study skills to manage time wisely.
  • learn ways to manage stress which includes taking mental breaks and prioritizing tasks

To support our Academic focus, Breakers will provide our players and families workshops and resources to enable learning and growth in areas that will impact performance.

Breakers Academic Support Will Include:

  • Workshops on topics related to academic success and overall student wellness.
  • Recommended partners that provide tutoring, test-prep and counseling and other support services, similar to partners that provide services for lacrosse development.
  • Ongoing education and a Breakers Toolbox of free resources for support services including reading, math, academic coaching, recruiting, counseling and other services that would help our players strengthen their academic potential.

Breakers Lacrosse Academic Consultant

Phyllis has agreed to be our Academic Consultant and will volunteer her time to provide recommended partners and resources. She will also help us organize and plan workshop topics that would be most helpful to our players and families. Phyllis is the ideal person to lead the Breakers players and families through this process because she is local, easily accessible, and is invested in our organization (her son Jimmy, who is a 2023 defenseman for Breakers).

Phyllis a graduate of Lafayette College and earned her MA and EdD from Columbia University in mathematics. She has been in the education field for over twenty years and has served as a teacher trainer, math teacher, and curriculum developer for large publishers and high-takes testing companies. She recently started a company that supports math understanding. (

Players should focus mastering foundational skills that will be critical for middle school and beyond. Strong performance in the core subjects while developing healthy and productive habits for learning is important.

Players will go through extraordinary growth during this period – physically, mentally, and socially. In this period, their school work will become more abstract and may require more time to understand. Our recommendation for this group is to stay balanced with their activities and if there are concerns academically to start to address in order to prepare for high school coursework.


When a player is still playing club-level lacrosse in high school, chances are, he wants to continue that play in college. We want to ensure that all our high school athletes maximize every opportunity available in order to get into the best institutions.

College Admissions and Standardized Test Prep

Simply put, a strong test score will open more doors. The college’s ability to offer an athletic and/or academic scholarship will be more likely for players that have solid scores compared to players with lower scores. Players should start to research schools and scores to better understand what is expected for their interest area.

A few resources to help begin your college search process:

Our players will be exposed to numerous colleges throughout the tournament season. Knowing what you’ll need to gain admission will help you set your expectations early in the process. Planning and preparing early will lead to a much better experience and outcome with the entire recruitment process.