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Man Up Advantage Toolbox

How to approach teachers about my child's learning?

  • Resource that gives examples of how to respond when teachers approach you about your child.

  • This site gives good practical advice on partnering with teachers to solve problems.

  • This site gives students advice on how to self-advocate and speak to teachers directly about their learning and other needs.

What are signs that my child has learning challenges?

  • Resource with specific, bulleted examples of signs of learning disorders.

  • Department of Health and Human Resources Describes Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, and Dysgraphia.

  • Free quizzes to tell whether your child has Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, and Dysgraphia.

  • Short quiz to tell whether your child has ADHD. From the quiz, you’ll be able to know the signs.

What should I expect from my middle school child?

  • This site gives quick tips on what to expect as your child is going through their middle school years.

  • This site outlines a 15 common challenges that middle school kids face and how to prepare and address them

Top 5 middle school problems tweens face…

  • Here are the top 5 middle school problems tweens are facing.

New challenges kids face in middle school…

  • Here’s a closer look at some of the challenges kids face in middle school.

Middle school and executive function

  • Self-Management Skills for Middle School Students

Dealing with digital drama

  • Encourages positive responses to digital and cyber drama and bullying. Provides suggestions on how to avoid digital drama.

How to help my child develop communication skills (written, oral, otherwise) to write to coaches, employers, teachers, and admission counselors?

  • Article on the importance of phone and email etiquette.

What is the impact on my high school child during COVID?

  • This article provides information from a research and student perspective on the impact of COVID on high school students and how to support their mental health needs.

Navigating Teen Life: Social Media Safety

  • Talks about ghost mode in Snapchat and other social media privacy settings to protect your personal information.

Teens Helping Teens, Talk and Resource Line. Also provides a downloadable app

  • Provides resources for kids to get support from other kids. This is a non-profit organization. They provide an app available for download and allow texting and calling. They also provide resources for peer based education.

Teen Health Resources:

  • Provides downloadable pdf documents that are focused on wellness topics.

What if I think my son may be feeling depressed?


  • A resource for adolescent mental health and depression. Founded by former Baltimore Raven Hayden Hurst and his family from his personal journey and a specific program called “Hayden’s Critical Catch” to introduce mental health services for student athletes

  • Resource for mental health and depression also related to substance issues

  • Mental health , ADD,  ADHD,  anxiety and quarantine resource. Has a bunch of ideas for keeping families mental health intact in these times

Over sharing your digital footprint

  • Talks about how everything you post online stays online. Encourages teens/kids to think about what they are posting before they post.

Who you are talking to online:

  • Encourages teens/kids to be safe when communicating with people online. Especially through digital gaming. Encourages them to only communicate with people they know and if they are playing games or talking to strangers to use caution and not provide their full names or any personal information.

Social media do's and don'ts:

  • Provides tips and suggestions for online social media use. Encourages teens/kids to be aware of privacy settings and suggestions for when they post pictures online.

Self care tips for teens

  • Provides downloadable pdf documents with self care tips about a variety of wellness support topics in teens. Also talks about eliminating the stigma around mental health in teens and provides self help tips.

Preseason conditioning by US Lacrosse…

  • Being thoroughly conditioned for your season is professionally as important as it is to show up to your games on time and in the proper uniform.